Emma Wants to Make Valentines

Emma wanted to make Valentines. “Mom, can I make Valentines for my co-op class?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Mom. “But what are you going to use?”

“Printer paper,” Emma said. “And crayons and tape.”

“Hmmm,” said Mom. “Please do not use too much printer paper and tape. Dad and I use them for work. When I need them and they are all gone, it makes me very unhappy.”

“I won’t,” said Emma.

Emma got some paper. She got some tape. She took the paper and tape to her room. She sat down to write.

Making the Cards

The first friend she thought of was Austin. Austin liked football. She folded a piece of paper. She drew a picture of a football on the front. “To Austin,” she said out loud. “Austin. Awwww. Stin. Sten. Stan. Hmm… A-W-S.” She stopped.

“Mom!” she called. “Will you please write the names of my friends? I need to know how to spell them.”

“Sure!” Mom called back from the kitchen.

Emma got a piece of paper. She went into the kitchen. “Here is a piece of paper. Can you please write all the people in my class? And also Aunty Rayna.”

While Mom was writing all the names, Joey rolled by. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Making a grocery list?”

“No,” Emma said. “It is a list of names for my Valentines.”

“Oh,” Joey said. “We are out of chips. Maybe you should make a grocery list instead.” Emma looked at Joey. She made a face.

“Joey, no more chips until next week,” Mom said. She handed the list to Emma. “Thanks, Mom!” Emma said. She took it back to her room.

Instead of making them one at a time, Emma had a different idea. First, she counted the names. There were seven people on the list. So she folded seven pieces of paper.

Next, she wrote “To” on each piece of paper. Then she wrote one person’s name on each card. Finally, she wrote “From Emma” on each one.

“Now the hard work is over. It is time for the fun part,” she said. Emma went back to Austin’s card. She drew some hearts around the football. She did the same thing for each person. First, she drew their favorite thing. Then she drew hearts all around. Emma liked to draw and color.

No Card For Matt

Matt came to the door of her room. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Making Valentines,” Emma answered.

“What is on the inside of the card?” he asked.

“Nothing yet,” said Emma. “But there will be a surprise.”

“Did you make one for me?” Matt asked.

“No. These are for my friends,” Emma said. “And Aunty.”

“I’m your friend,” said Matt.

“No, you are my brother,” said Emma. Matt gave her an unhappy look. Emma laughed.

“I am not making you a card,” Emma said. “I don’t have enough paper. But you can have the surprise. Come here.”

Matt came inside the room. Emma reached under her bed. She pulled out a box.

“Close your eyes,” she said. Matt closed his eyes. “Put out your hand.”

“Now I am afraid,” Matt said. Emma laughed again. She put a piece of candy in his hand.

“Nice!” said Matt, opening his eyes. “Thanks! Where did you get this?”

“I have been saving it since Christmas,” said Emma. “I got a lot of candy as a Secret Santa gift. Not only is it gluten free for me, but it is also peanut free. So it is a perfect gift for my class.”

A Problem

Emma took the candy over to her cards. She got the tape. Zzzzzzip! Emma pulled out a long piece. Rrrrrrip! She tore it off. Emma liked the sound of tape. It was her favorite part of making presents.

Emma put one piece of tape across the candy. She held up the card. The candy fell off. Emma frowned. She picked it up and tried again. This time she used two pieces of tape. The candy still fell off.

So she tried again. The next time she used three pieces of tape. But once again, the candy fell off.

This was not good. The candy was heavy, and she was using a lot of tape.

Emma tried again, one more time. She tore off four pieces of tape and stuck them to the ends of her fingers. They looked like long fingernails. She waved them around and giggled. Then she put the candy on the card.

She took off her tape fingernails one by one and put them on the candy. Then she held up the card. The candy stayed on. “Phew,” Emma said, “I am glad that worked.”

Too Much Tape

Emma continued putting candy on the cards. When she got to the very last one, the tape ran out. “Mom!” Emma called. “I need some more tape!”

Mom came down the hall. She looked in Emma’s room. She did not look happy. “I don’t have any more tape,” she said. “That was the last roll, and I asked you not to use too much. Remember what happened with your Christmas cards?”

Emma thought for a moment. Then she smiled. “I do remember!”

“Why are you smiling?” Mom asked. “That is not a good memory. We did not have tape to wrap the presents for the Jacobs family party. It was all on your cards.”

“Yes! But that reminded me of something else I had forgotten,” Emma said. She ran to her closet and pulled out a box. “Look!”

Mom looked inside the box. “What is this?” she asked.

“It was a Christmas present for you,” Emma said. Emma reached in the box and pulled out some tape.

“See! I bought you six rolls of tape for Christmas. I felt bad about using it all, so Matt helped me order more online. But then I forgot about it. When Dad took us shopping, I bought you something else.” Emma laughed.

Mom smiled. “Well thank you!” she said. “That was a very good gift. I am glad to have it now. Better late than never.” Mom took the box.

“I’m glad you have it, too,” said Emma. “But I still need some more tape for my last card.”

Mom laughed. She dropped a roll of tape in Emma’s hand. “Here you go,” she said. “You can keep this one. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Thanks, Mom!” Emma said. “Now I should make you a card, too. But I will need another piece of printer paper.”

“That’s ok,” said Mom. “Save the paper and the tape. You can just give me a piece of candy.” Then she looked at the empty roll of tape on the floor. “Actually, make that two.” Mom winked at Emma and left the room.

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