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Writing Services

Writing Services: A computer keyboard, cup of coffee and calendar sit on a desk

If you are looking for a professional writer, you’re in the right place.

Writing Services

My writing services include:

  • professional trainings
  • blog posts
  • facebook posts
  • magazine articles
  • newspaper articles.

I’m familiar with both writing for web content as well as AP-style journalism. I also offer customized social media management packages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.



  • medical equipment and supplies
  • special needs parenting
  • disability
  • adaptive sports
  • dementia and elder care 
  • gluten free living
  • special diets
  • allergies
  • chronic illness
  • website copy-writing


  • how-to posts and educational materials
  • catalog content
  • marketing content
  • blogging
  • website copy-writing

North Carolina people and places

  • newspaper journalism
  • human interest stories


  • children’s literature
  • novels

What is this worth?

As a contract worker, I am deadline-conscious, organized, and adaptable, Not only that, I’m also transparent, and I know you are wondering how much this might cost you. The answer is…it depends. Great answer, great answer!

No, really, it does depend. But the current range is between .10-.20 cents per word. Factors that influence cost are:

How much research is required?

Am I researching for a well-written blog post or an official staff training?

Am I providing photographs or graphics?

Are there interviews involved?

Is this a rush job, or do I have plenty of time to get it done?

Am I search-optimizing your webpage?

Prices also vary depending on if I am writing single articles or posts, or if I am managing multiple aspects of your social media. Everyone loves a package deal, especially when I customize them to meet your exact social media needs.

If you’re not sure I’m the right fit, I’m happy to email you writing samples that exemplify the type of writing you are looking for. Just drop me a note at the address above.

If you’re still not sure- maybe your job doesn’t fit neatly in one of my writing niches- give me a call. I’d love to discuss your project with you to see if I could help!