No Clues, You Lose: A Joey Jacobs Mystery

When her wheelchair basketball team's uniforms go missing, Joey Jacobs uses

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Hi! My name is Annie Beth Donahue.

I’m a middle grade author.

I’m also a mom of four, project manager, and the founder of a nonprofit that serves families that have children with special healthcare needs.

I believe that most people think reading is best used as a way to escape reality. (Get lost in a good book.) The truth is, reading is a way to discover reality. That’s why I use the power of story to help kids see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Want to talk? Let’s connect on Facebook. You can also find me on Instagram @annie_beth_donahue

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A. B. Donahue’s characters are as quirky as real life, her stories have all the intrigue of a good mystery, and her writing normalizes life with disability without making disability the point of the story. Middle graders are going to love finding themselves in the pages of her books!

Annie Beth has a gift for combining fun, adventure, and poignancy in her stories. Her characters are as real as the kid playing in the street–or rollerblading in the kitchen as the case may be—and they invite you into their stories magnanimously, allowing you to enter their world and experience their joys and trials.

Annie Beth is a highly talented author. She can write anything from corporate articles to children’s fiction and keep the attention of her readers no matter the subject matter.
I’ve had the pleasure of reading many of her pieces, but what impresses me most is that I, as an adult, am intrigued by her children’s fiction works. I want to know what happens and I cannot predict what it will be. Believe me when I say that anything Annie Beth writes will be an enjoyable read.