No Clues, You Lose

A Joey Jacobs Mystery

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Joey Jacobs is a proud member of the Rollin’ Hornets wheelchair basketball team. One of the oldest, fastest, most agile players on the prep team, Joey is a star at racing down the court and blocking opponent's shots. (Although her own anxiety often blocks her from making shots.) As she sees her teammates’ improvement from over the summer, she feels a national title is finally within their reach.

But when a package containing their new uniforms mysteriously disappears from the coach’s front door, the team is faced with having to forfeit all their games in the upcoming Atlanta tournament. Joey is determined to find the uniforms and save the team from a significant loss. With the aid of her friends and family, she’s able to find clues.

Using “teamship” -- a combination of sportsmanship and teamwork -- the kids finally solve the mystery. In the process, they not only find their uniforms but catch the perpetrator of a city-wide crime spree involving valuable Charlotte Hornets NBA merchandise.